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About Us

Meet the owners of Santa's Reindeer Ranch, Jason & Tracy Haycox. 

We are a family-owned and operated, Indiana-licensed farm and USDA-licensed exhibitors upholding the guidelines of the AWA.


Our Story

After purchasing our dream property, a retired dairy farm, we realized what was missing in our enchanting town - REINDEER! We spent the next couple of years researching and began the process to meet all the requirements of the state to acquire our license, in order to bring our first reindeer home in 2019. Comet our first reindeer, was born April 2019 and was bottled raised. He has the sweetest temperament and is a gentle soul. It's hard not to love him! Next to the farm came Blitzen, born April 2021. Blitzen was mama raised and was not raised on a bottle. Blitzen is a handsome boy still learning to fully trust humans, he has a love for eating graham crackers out of your hand! Finally, after years of patiently waiting, we welcomed our first female to the farm, Clara! Clara was born April 2022. She was bottled raised and is the sweetest and most docile little girl. She loves greeting us every day at the fence. Clara will be bred to Comet in the Fall of 2023 and we hope to have a healthy baby in the Spring of 2024.

We are working hard to renovate our retired dairy farm to get ready to offer Reindeer Encounters and show the public just how magical these animals are! Stay tuned for further updates!

Meet Our Reindeer

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